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  • Rohit Musale, CFA

How I Have Organised My Evernote Account

I use Evernote a lot.

I have been using Evernote since 2013.

I am a big fan of the application, and I am a premium member of Evernote.

It is the first application that I open every day.

It is my digital brain.

It is my digital workplace.

It is my digital office.

It is my digital drawer.

Some of the points I discuss in this post, might help you go 100% paperless.

1) I use notebooks inside Evernote.

Earlier I used to have all my notes in just the inbox.

I used different types of tags to identify one note from the other.

But then I realized, there is a better way of managing my notes.

I want to give you an analogy here.

Let's say you go into a mall, and you walk into a mega bookstore.

It's a huge bookstore.

What do you see there?

You see lots and lots of books.

You see different sections.

Let's just assume that a book is like a 'notebook'.

So, for example, you pick up a fiction book.

Consider that book as a 'notebook' in Evernote.

Every page in that book is like one particular note in Evernote.

The book is the 'notebook’, and the page is the 'note' in Evernote.

The place where this book was kept is called as a section.

In Evernote, it is called as a 'stack'.

Evernote allows us to use notebooks, tags, and stacks.

I am using notebooks to keep my notes.

The way the human brain is designed, is that, in general, we like to keep things at a place where they belong.

Atleast, that's the way I think.

It reduces the search time.

I know exactly where a particular note is.

I know the exact notebook where I have kept it.

2) I use stacks.

I have one stack for myself, one stack for my business, one stack for my mother, one stack for my father, one for my sister, and so on.

Under each stack, there are different types of notebooks.

For example, I have one notebook, which says, it has my travel related details.

I have another notebook, which has, say my medical reports.

Another notebook, which has my certificates, letters etc..

All of these notes come under one stack, which is my name.

3) I use tags.

Different stacks can have different types of notebooks.

But all of these notes can have a common tag.

For example, my father's travel details and my travel details, can have a common tag, called as 'travel'.

A tag can be placed to notes, which can be in any notebook or any stack.

By the way, a premium account allows you to use 100,000 tags.

You don't need that many tags.

4) I use a calendar note.

I have prepared a note, which has got the monthly calendar of a particular year.

I look at that calendar note every day.

I can write some stuff there, which I cannot do with a normal calendar.

I can write some notes there, put some pictures if I want to, if I need them for a particular day.

It makes my life simple.

5) I use the scratchpad.

You don't need to create a note for anything and everything.

If I want to do something in a particular day, I put it down on the scratchpad, on the home page in Evernote App.

I don't need to create a separate note for this.

6) I use the search feature a lot.

I have more than 500 notes in my Evernote account.

Sometimes, I feel like using the search feature.

By the way, the Evernote search feature is a very powerful feature.

For a note, if you have done your stacking, note-booking, and tagging properly, within seconds, you can find your note, irrespective of the number of notes you have in Evernote.

It is fast.

7) I am using Evernote on my Mac and on my mobile phone.

If I have an idea, it gets quickly recorded via my mobile phone.

So, these were the seven points I wanted to discuss with you.

This is how I have organised my Evernote account.


Rohit Musale, CFA

27 December 2022


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