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  • Rohit Musale, CFA

How to Trade Stocks, Commodities & Currencies

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

When I first entered the world of trading, I felt very fascinated and excited.

However, like many other things in life, that fascination was very short lived.

Because, I was using the trial and error method.

So, after incurring many losses, I realized, I need some formal training.

So I began reading books.

I attended courses, seminars, webinars and what not.

That helped me a lot.

It helped me cut my losses.

However, I was still not able to generate meaningful profits in my portfolio.

That is when I stumbled upon a book which changed my trading career completely.

The name of that book was, 'Japanese Candlesticks Charting Techniques', written by Steve Nison.

That was the book that completely changed my life.

After reading that book, I also went on to take more advanced courses from Steve Nison, who was the first person to introduce the Japanese Candlesticks Charting Techniques to the western world, back in 1989.

And ever since I completed my training with Steve Nison, I have been using these techniques in my trading.

Steve Nison was not my only mentor.

I also learned from a lot of other great traders.

For example, I also trained under Andrew Mitchem from New Zealand, who is a Forex Trading Coach.

I also learned from Paul Tillman who is a partner of Andrew Mitchem.

Paul lives in the US.

Paul is one of the best traders I have ever learnt from.

I also studied trading psychology from Mark Douglas.

I have also studied from Dr Alexander Elder, author of the book, 'Trading for a Living'.

Now, I also help other traders, to enhance their trading success rate.

To do this, I have created multiple video training programs, in which I have distilled the essence of what I have learnt over the years.

I was able to develop my own trading system.

And I help others develop their own trading system, which suits their personality and temperament.

In trading, there is no one-size-fits-all.

I discuss all of this in my video training program.

Thousands of men and women from more than 172 countries have already done and benefitted from my training program.

I have designed this detailed video training program for those who aspire to become professional traders, be it with stocks, commodities and currencies.

The program consists of multiple levels.

It does not matter if the trader is a beginner or experienced.

This program helps traders, fearlessly face the market and enhance their trading success rate.

Following are the links to the levels:

I call this program:

The Japanese Candlesticks Trading Mastery Program

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Level 9

It is recommended to start with Level 1 and gradually work through subsequent levels.

Each level builds on the previous level.

Each level is packed with chart examples to learn from.

Any trader who has been through all these levels has studied more than 1,000 chart examples, atleast, in this video training program.


Rohit Musale, CFA

13 December 2022



Here is a quick note about: The Japanese Candlesticks Trading Mastery Program

Learn concepts that apply to any type of trading. If you know how to read one chart, you can read them all. This course through its various levels will help you understand this unique and most primitive technique of trading. The Japanese Candlesticks Trading Mastery Program can be applied in any or all of the following areas of work :

  • Forex Trading / FX Trading / Currency Trading

  • Stock Trading

  • Commodity Trading

  • Options Trading

  • Futures Trading

  • Intraday Trading / Day Trading

  • Positional Trading

  • Swing Trading

  • Technical Analysis of Stocks, Commodities & Currencies

  • Price Action Trading

  • Chart Pattern Analysis

  • Cryptocurrency Trading


Standard Disclaimer on The Japanese Candlesticks Trading Mastery Program:

The material presented here is for educational purposes only. Please do proper due diligence. There are risks involved in markets. Returns are never guaranteed. The Japanese Candlesticks are a tool, not a trading system. However, they can be used for any timeframe, any asset class (stocks, commodities & currencies) and any financial instrument (spot, futures & options). The principles discussed in this course are applicable to any market in the world, provided the price information is accurate and is coming from a reliable source. This course is not about which broker you should use or how to use your respective broker platform. This course is about educating you on Japanese Candlesticks in detail so that you can apply these principles in your own market and in your own trading style and timeframe.


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