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The Japanese Candlesticks Trading Mastery Program

Thousands of men and women from 170+ countries have enrolled in this video training program.

This program has multiple levels of training as shown below.

This is my best work ever.

Use the below links to avail of the best available price discount:

Level 1

Basic Candlestick Patterns

Level 2

Advanced Candlestick Patterns

Level 3

Harami, Tweezers, Fibonacci & RSI

Level 4

Price Targets, Box Ranges & Moving Averages

Level 5

Get an Edge Over the Markets

Level 6

Intraday Pivots, CPR & False Breakouts

Level 7

Candles with MACD

Level 8

Unknown Candlestick Patterns

Level 9

Candlesticks & The Art of Questioning

Level 10

Candlesticks with Bollinger Bands

Level 11

Candlesticks with RSI

Level 12

Candlesticks with ADX

Level 13

A Powerful Trading Framework

Level 14

Candlesticks with Windows

Level 15

The Doji Candle

Level 16

Candlesticks & Continuation Patterns

Level 17

Candlesticks & Fibonacci Levels

Level 18

Candlesticks with Volume

Level 19

The 16 Bucket Money Management System


Rohit Musale, CFA

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