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  • Rohit Musale, CFA

The 7 Apps I Use Frequently During The Day

A lot of my students were asking me, "Which productivity apps do you usually use?"

I thought, let me make a post and answer this question.

Here are 7 apps I use frequently:

1) Evernote

This is one of my favorite apps.

I am a premium member of Evernote.

I have been using it since 2013.

Evernote is my digital brain.

It is my digital desk, my digital office, digital everything.

Evernote has helped me go 100% paperless.

I run two companies in India, and I absolutely have no papers on my desk.

I don't have an office shelf.

Everything is digital.

Everything is stored in Evernote properly, with notebooks, tags, & stacks.

It has made my life very simple.

I use Evernote on my Mac and my mobile phone.

That's it.

That's all I need, to run my office.

It is as simple as that.

Evernote is the number one app that I would recommend, when it comes to productivity.

They have been building that product over a period of time.

Over a period of the past nine years, they have added a lot of incredible features.

Evernote is like home to me.

It is the first app that I open on my Mac, when I start my day.

2) Paytm

I like this app.

It's a payments application in India that allows me to do UPI payments.

Not a single payment has ever failed.

I realized, there were a lot of failures in Google Pay.

You have no clue whether the money has gone from your account or not.

But this has never happened with Paytm.

I use Paytm to make payments at grocery stores.

I use Paytm to book bus tickets.

I use Paytm to book flights.

Recently, I also used Paytm to book train tickets & movie tickets.

Next is: mobile recharges.

Paytm has solved a lot of problems for me.

I like being digital.

I like being paperless.

Paytm fits into that bill perfectly.

Evernote and Paytm take a lot of my time and attention.

These are apps that add real utility to my life.

3) Kite

It is basically a hub for investors and traders.

I make equity investments through Kite.

I like their user interface.

It’s very simple.

It’s easy to understand.

I make all my investments through Kite, whether its ETFs, equities, mutual funds, index funds etc...

They have another app called as 'coin'.

I use that app as well.

It has made life very easy.

Plus, I use it on my mobile and on my Mac.

Kite is a brilliant app, designed by two brothers based out of Bangalore.

The name of the company is Zerodha.

4) Zoom

I like to talk to people in person.

Since you cannot meet people in person most often these days, Zoom is the next best choice.

It helps me stay connected with my friends abroad.

I used to use Skype.

Before that, I used to use WhatsApp.

Zoom is by far the best in terms of performance.

5) Insta-Biz

I own a couple of businesses.

I have a couple of merchant accounts.

This is an app from ICICI Bank.

It is an incredible app for business owners.

No payment failures.

Everything has become digital.

It's far easier to run a company merchant account today, than it was, 15 years ago or even 10 years ago.

The app is loaded with features.

6) Clear Scanner

I am a pro member of the app.

Fantastic app.

If there is some document that I want to sign and send to my CA, I just print those, sign it, scan it through this app, convert it to pdf in the same app and send it across.


I put the pdf in Evernote as well, just in case, if it is required in the future.

It scans in color too.

I think it has some AI built in it.

It automatically looks at the dimensions of the document and scans what is required.

7) Whatsapp

It helps me stay connected with absolutely everyone.

WhatsApp has even started payments now.

I don't use it for socialising.

But it's very easy to connect with someone.

If I am visiting someone for the first time, and the person wants to send me a location map, chances are he/she will send me the location map on a WhatsApp message.

It's better to have the app, than not have the app.

These are the only seven apps that I have, by the way, on my mobile phone.

I don't use any other app.

I don't need other apps.

I use my phone as an office tool, or a business tool.

I don't use it for socialising.


Rohit Musale, CFA

29 December 2022


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