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What if you had the right education to achieve freedom of time, place & money and you could live life on your terms...

A proven, step-by-step process, that will guide you to create assets and generate cashflow, which can take care of you and your family for the rest of your life, and which can enable you to live the kind of life, that you have always wanted to live.

I was able to acheive financial freedom in less than 10 months, but it took me 20 years to get started.. I am here to guide you so you don't have to wait that long




Personal Desk



Thank you for this amazing course. Very good for me as a beginner. The course structure too is easy to follow.

Aldo Montini Joseph

More than awesome experience. Look forward to learning so much more. Thanks so much Rohit !!!

Tyrone Grisssom

Great class! Have learned a whole lot and already looking forward to more content ! Thank you so much for this !

Marco Lucero

If I could give a 6-star rating for this course, then I definitely would. This is by far the best purchase I have made.

Markus Herring

 One word: Fantastic.

I highly recommend this course. Every lesson here is short & to the point.

Dave Butler

Excellent Teaching with proper data. Explained concepts really well. I am very very happy with these classes. Thanks !

V Singapurapu

This is the best course out there on the subject. I hardly ever leave any reviews. This is great work. Thanks a lot.

A Shaker

This course is so full of information and Rohit did a terrific job of covering all of the important concepts.

Udaya Pothana

There are no words to explain how valuable this is and also lecturer's  explanations are incredibly awesome.

Emrah Cetin

I find the information to be extremely helpful. The instructions are very clear and there are plenty of examples to learn from.

Russell Odom

Very impressive instructor. He explains really well, all the complex concepts. Very impressive again.

Alassane Diallo

Its a good experience. Teaching is at a right pace and also very easy to understand. Happy with the course.

Rajiv Deshpande

After training over 15,000+ students to create various ways of passive income, I’ve developed a streamlined proven process that works for you if you are: 


  • Feeling stuck in 9 to 5 rat race 

  • Wanting to do something of your own but do not have either time or money 

  • Waiting for that perfect moment when you have a certain amount in your savings account 

  • Struggling to meet the regular expenses, let aside fulfilling secret wishes 

  • On your way to creating more than one source of income for you and your family 

  • Ready to create consistent income with impact to match! 


You're in the right place!


I'm going to tell you how Financial Freedom Academy will give you the knowledge, tools, and guidance you need to finally achieve your financial goals in life and set yourself free. 

Financial Freedom Academy will transform you from working for money to making money work for you, and hard!


Enrollments are open now! 

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White Sand and Stone

Achieving Financial Freedom Is Like

Building A Castle


Decide on a plot of land and start digging for your castle


Pour the foundation to level the ground for your castle


Start construction work to build the walls of your castle


Create a moat around your castle to protect your castle. 

But above all else...

Financial Freedom Academy will give you the skills, strategy, and resources that will allow you to confidently give yourself and your family the gift - freedom of time, money and place and a life you love. 

You should choose me as your mentor because...


I retired at 37

I was able to escape the 9 to 5 rat race, within 10 months of writing down that goal

With 27 digital products

I own several businesses with 27 digital training products helping over thousands of students across 142+ countries

Now I help people achieve financial freedom

I have spent 2 decades compiling, applying & teaching the best ideas in the financial education space, empowering people to achieve their financial freedom



Rohit Musale, CFA®

CFA Charterholder from the Global CFA Program of Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Nison Certified Advanced Japanese Candlesticks Trader

Podcast Show Host : The Rohit Radio Show available on Apple, Google and Spotify.

A decade of experience in the Banking & Financial Services Space, both in the domestic as well as the global market.

I love Investing, Entrepreneurship, Trading, Event Hosting, Podcasting, Training, Reading and am a Movie Buff.

It took me 20 years to take that first step,


But once I did, it took me only 10 months to get financially free 


I am so sure that if I can do it, you can do it too! And I would love to help you get there faster. 

We live in a time where...

People are running behind promotions and switching jobs for better salary. But all that is your ACTIVE INCOME where you have to work for every penny you make. 

Bitter truth is that,

You can not achieve financial freedom with only ACTIVE INCOME. 

What you actually need is PASSIVE INCOME 

Difference between Passive Income & Active Income

Any money you earn that demands your active presence is active income  



Any money you earn without your active presence is passive income 

You need to create assets that will generate CASH FLOW every single month even when you are asleep

Inside Look

What's Inside

Financial Freedom Academy

Achieving financial freedom is like building a castle that will last for a long long time. I have tried to make it very simple and implementable in a


Prepare to Build Your Castle

You will learn the key concepts required to go from point A to point B. Point A is your current financial situation. Point B is your financial freedom. This module will help you figure out, where you are and where you need to go.



Build The Foundation Of Your Castle

You will learn the game of money and certain key principles to achieve your goal, in less than 5 years. Without understanding the game of money, you can't proceed. This step will prepare you to take action.


Build The Walls Of Your Castle

You will learn multiple ways to generate passive income. You will also learn the fastest route to financial freedom. This module is about taking action & making it happen in real life.



Build A Moat Around Your Castle

Your goal is to protect the passive income, that you are already earning, because of the action steps, that you took in step three. You will learn various strategies to further fortify your financial situation. You will learn how to always keep expanding your asset base.


Looks like too much work?

Don't worry. I've got you covered.


Never get stuck again. I promise you that planning & calculating your numbers shouldn’t be an obstacle for you to plan bigger. 

So to make sure you are 120% confident to set yourself free, we have gone to extreme measures, recording meticulous walkthroughs and tutorials for every single, detailed step you’ll be taking throughout the process. 


The result: Less “How the heck do I do this”, and more “Heck ya.. I did this”. 



Here’s what you get

when you enroll today: 


Core Training: [$699 Value]

Financial Freedom Academy Lifetime Access

Learn the 4 step framework I have created, to help you escape the 9 to 5 rat race in less than 5 years. 

Bonus #1 [$97 Value]

The Simple 9 Stage Framework for Massive Wealth Creation

In this 30-minute video training course, you will learn the 9 stages of your financial freedom journey. In stage two itself, you will hit financial freedom. 

Bonus #2 [$97 Value]

The 30 Minute MBA on Personal Finance

In this 30-minute video training course, you will learn how to manage your incoming cashflow. The problem of money management will be permanently solved here. 

Bonus #3 [$97 Value]

The 30 Minute Scoop on 15 Different Kinds of Investors

This 30 minute video training course, will help you understand, what kind of an investor you are and what kind of an investor you need to become, to achieve your goal of financial independence. 

Bonus #4 [$97 Value]

The 30 Minute Crash Course on 'Inside' Investing

In this 30 minute video training course, you will learn the fastest way to achieve financial freedom. I have used this in my real life to achieve financial freedom in less than 10 months. 

Bonus #5 [$97 Value]

The Hidden Gold Mine

In this 30 minute video training course, you will learn how to protect your wealth. You will learn how to further fortify your financial freedom castle. You will also learn how to hedge your investments against event risk.

Bonus #6 [$47 Value] 

Financial Freedom Power Templates

Through these templates, I will help you set your goals. I will help you understand your current financial situation. Through these templates, you will get complete clarity, as to where you are, and where you want to go. 

Bonus #7 [$47 Value]

Financial Freedom Power Tools

This is again a Jetpack Bundle. In this, you will get all the tools you need to do some basic financial calculations. These are 'Fill in the Blanks' type of tools. Don't worry, this wont be too technical. 

Bonus #8 [$97 Value]

The 30 Minute Crash Course on Cryptocurrencies

In this 30 minute video training course, you will learn how to correctly approach the crypto space. You will also learn, how do cryptos relate to your goal of financial freedom in less than 5 years. 

Bonus #9 [$97 Value]

The Infinite Wealth Formula

In this 30 minute video training course, you will learn how to create infinite wealth in your life. Becoming wealthy need not be complicated. I will simplify it, in this bonus. 

When you add it all up, that’s a total of real-world value of $1,472


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Total Value of the Academy: $1472

Total Discount : 93%

Grab it Now !

Offer Price : $99





Plus you will be backed by a 30-day full money back guarantee.

Click here to read more about the Refund Policy.

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Ready to create reliable and growing income streams using proven and tested methods that becomes more valuable with time and gives you freedom of time, money and place? 

Image by Philipp Berndt

If you are thinking this is amazing but I am not 100% sure... 

You should give Financial Freedom Academy a 30 day risk-free shot if you’re motivated by any of the following: 

Coffee on Desk


If you are feeling stuck in your job and you don’t enjoy it anymore, but you are there just for the sake of that periodic salary credit, then its time to take action without really compromising on your time and money


If you think your salary isn't enough to fulfill your and your family’s desires then you must focus on creating assets for you and your family to enjoy the regular benefits 


If you think your business income is too uncertain to rely on, we will teach you techniques to create a regular , sustained stream of passive income to take care of the expenses


If you don’t want to work under anybody and lead a life on your terms with complete choice of work, time and place, then this is the right time to start. 

So… Are you ready to start on a journey to reaching your financial goals, helping more people, generating consistent income, and setting yourself up for long term freedom? 

You now have the power to answer that question with total confidence.


Because when you sign up for Financial Freedom Academy and start putting the 4 proven steps to work, you will start revealing the most joyous side of yours with total freedom of time, money and place. 

If the answer is a solid ‘let’s do this’ get yourself into Financial Freedom Academy and



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The best time to start your financial freedom journey was yesterday. The next best time is today. 


We all wish to have a life where we could make our choices without any constraints or restrictions on time, money or place.


If you are feeling overwhelmed or worried about the current uncertainty in the market, then my friend, I am here for you.


I believe that I can get you started and put you on a fast track to lead a life on your terms. All you need is, the right education and a step by step roadmap to get you to your desired destination.

I don’t want you to look back in 1 or 2 years from now without a steady stream of passive income, wondering what could’ve been if you only took action.


I want to load you up with CONFIDENCE and see you TAKE ACTION and gift yourself a free life.


Take your first step now. I am with you! 



Join Financial Freedom Academy Today



Rohit Musale, CFA I All Rights Reserved.

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